Artist: Jeffrey Halford
Album: Broken Chord
Year: 2007
Label: Shoeless Records
Order-#: 6 14511 74942 8

© 2007 / Bruno Michel

Two years ago when I reviewed Jeffrey Halford's albumRailbird, I was impressed by the Roots Rock sound of the album. Also on his new release, Broken Chord, you can hear this deep, dark sound but to my opinion even more perfectioned and with even more moving lyrics.

Halford has written all of the tracks, which were mostly recorded in California during 2006. Halford managed to have the great Texas Music Hall of Fame member Augie Meyers playing keyboards. Beside Meyer's unique style, it is often Halford's excellent slide guitar play that dominates the sound.

You have to listen to the lyrics very carefully and pay attention to hidden messages if you want to understand some of the stories that Halford is reciting. Take the opener Dead Man's Hand as an example. A guy has a bad string of luck - not only when playing poker. Or Louisiana Man, where Halford criticizes the weak emergency aid provided by the government in the aftermath of natural disasters. And finally listen to In A Dream when Halford tells about parts of his own life and experience. oder