Artist: R.W. Hampton
Album: Oklahoma...Where The West Remains!
Year: 2007
Label: Cimarron Sounds
Order-#: CS1107-2

© 2009 / Bruno Michel

He was born in Texas but spent most of his life working on Ranches across the West. And R.W. Hampton is one of the most recognized story tellers and entertainers in the Western scene. Out of twelve CD's he produced in the past twentyfive years, this is his eleventh production and the most interesting at the same time because it tells the story of Oklahoma in rhymes and rhythm.

The album represents a slightly different type of "history book" to the interested listener. A guide through one hundred years of history of a state, his people be it cowboys or native americans, stars such as Will Rogers or Bob Wills (yes, he's a Texan but moved to Tulsa in 1934 to increase the number of potential audience for his music).

Those who have travelled the state are remembered by several songs of the regions they've seen. The additional stories and explanations reveal many interesting details, which - without such productions - would probably be lost over time and be forever forgotten.

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