Artist: Michael Peterson
Album: Baby I'm Stickin' With You
Year: 2009
Label: personal
Order-#: n.a.

© 2009 / Bruno Michel

It's already twelve years since Michael Peterson hit the charts with his debut CD. Now he's adding one to the collection with Baby Iím Stickiní With You. Eleven songs, from traditional to modern arrangements, give the listener a good view of Peterson's actual accomplishments. Unfortunately, the CD is currently only available in Europe and also the updated internet presence of the former Top-10-artist is still in the works.

Hit potential can be heard on this production, too. For example Support The Wildlife, Throw A Party. The track with it's modern arrangement fits today's requirements of a coming top hit. My favorites however are Tell Me What Youíve Got In Mind and I Hope You Know What Youíre Doing.

Let's hope that Peterson is successful in connecting to his earlier stardom and that he'll get back in the charts. He would sure deserve it as his music for the most part pleasantly differs from the overall monotony of today's country charts.

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