Artist: Michael Peterson
Album: Grave To The Cradle
Year: 2008
Label: Beyond Music
Order-#: 7 96873 03136 3

© 2008 / Bruno Michel

Back in the mid to late 90’s, Michael Peterson was famous for hits such as Drink Swear Steal & Lie or From Here To Eternity. He has continued his way and stayed true to his style of music ever since, despite losing major label contracts and fighting his way in the evolving world of putting marketing above music.

While his In Black release presents mostly covers, Peterson felt the need of producing yet another album that same year which gives an overview of his own songwriting abilities – which is certainly much appreciated by the fans.

Except the bonus track, all ten songs were penned by Michael, sometimes with the help of some of his songwriter friends. Contrary to his cover songs, which appear mostly traditional, Peterson shows here a slightly different facet of his abilities, focusing more on the lyrics. My favorites on this album are What’ll You Have and From The Grave To The Cradle, which tells life’s story backwards – an interesting view on things.

This album together with In Black, also released on Beyond Music, shows that Michael Peterson is still here, going strong, pleasing his fans with great music.