Artist: Michael Peterson
Album: In Black
Year: 2008
Label: Beyond Music
Order-#: 7 96873 03135 6

© 2008 / Bruno Michel

In 1997, Michael Peterson hit the charts with his debut album and his hit Drink Swear Steal & Lie. Not long after that, his sophomore album with Warner Bros, who had acquired his label Reprise in the meantime, produced a #1 with From Here To Eternity. Then the over active major label lost it’s interest in the artist. But Michael kept going, produced further albums and toured the country. His latest release In Black is now available on Beyond Music.

Still you can count the singer to the community of Traditionalists. He rocks in the humorous Marriage Is The Leading Cause For Divorce (who would have thought of that…) and he goes soft in From The Word Go or Only Time Will Tell. The uptempo songs are still in his repertoire as he proofs with Alcohol Abuse. And ballads such as I Remember America show, that the promised land has been changing as all other countries in this fast evolving world of violence and neglect have, too.

Good to know that artists like Michael Peterson do not let discourage themselves by missing major label contracts but continue to go strong – for their own good and for the one of the fans, too.