Artist: Otis Read
Album: Turn A Page
Year: 2008
Label: personal
Order-#: 7 96873 06736 2

© 2008 / Bruno Michel

Some shooting stars emerging from the countless TV shows may take only weeks to months to release their first CD. And then there's folks like singer/songwriter Otis Read, who was writing songs and touring for almost 40 years before his debut album Turn A Page finally made it to the public. And, believe me, you can certainly hear and feel the difference.

Except two where he co-wrote, all of the songs were written by Otis and the stories are those that only life and experience can write into your mind waiting for the day to be reborn in a song. Otis did just that. Stories of lost love, travellin' endless highways through deserted scenery, riding trains to catch up with life, and finally about coming home to your loved one - there's a song for many of life's situations that many of us have experienced.

My favorites are Riding On The Highway and Rainbow. Some touch of Scottish/Irish Folk is coming up in the instrumental Wined & Dined. These songs are truly multifaceted, just like the 54-year old Rhode Islander who wrote them. Let's not wait for some other decades to pass by, Otis. You must have many more in your pocket. Good for a soon to come Otis Read sophomore album. I look forward to it.

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