Artist: Tokyo Rosenthal
Album: Ghosts
Year: 2009
Label: Rock & Sock
Order-#: n.a.

© 2010 / Bruno Michel

Since three decades, this guy tours with his music, often also throughout Europe. Nevertheless the name Tokyo Rosenthal won’t ring too many bells in the average music fan. Toke, as his friends call him, has opened for Chris Hillman (Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers) among others. He does not mind to be categorized but still is hard to do so. If any, I would go for Americana as a sorting hint.

There are several Rosenthal albums to be found, the most recent being Ghosts, published by Rock Sock Records. All tracks are penned by Rosenthal. One of my favorites on this record is Still She Thanks God, a song he wrote about his mother who is also his greatest fan. The lyrics of Mister Tell Me ’Bout The Great Depression is a clear hint at the mistakes politicians and economy leaders constantly make, be it today or earlier in time. Mankind just doesn’t seem to learn from the past.

The titletrack Ghosts and House On The River are two further examples of Rosenthal’s exceptional songwriting skills. Be it ballads or rather rocking titles such as Inside Your Skull, this musician masters all facettes.