Artist: Ruckus
Album: The Other Side
Year: 2007
Label: personal
Order-#: n.a.

© Mai 2007 / Bruno Michel

Australia's Country Music scene is as big as the one in the US. The most popular representatives, at least of those known over here, might be Keith Urban, Catherine Britt or Sherrié Austin. And then - just like in the US - there are thousands of artists who just play great music and who might never see stardom or become world-famous.

One of these bands is Ruckus, a member of which by the way is former Country Sister Marcela Koldova. The band could celebrate a few success stories in 2006. They won the Best New Talent category at the Victorian & National Country Music Awards and Marcela, whose "down-under name" is now Marcy, was honored Best Fiddler Soloist.

The Other Side is the group's first full length CD and contains an excellent mix of self penned titles and covers. Kicking in with great Country Rock is A Trucker's Wife. And based on the Charlie Daniels classic The Devil Went Down To Georgia, the band only took the melody but changed the lyrics to a funny story in Devil Pub. It's no longer a fiddle contest as in the original Daniels song. Now the contest with the devil is all about the Aussie's most famous sports - Beer drinking.

Even though the fiddle is omni-present on all tracks of the album, Marcela has added two of her own songs. With Happy Rabbit and Black íNí White she goes to proof that she was rightly presented with her award. Even the cover songs are great to listen to. Goodbye Earl, an initial hit for the Dixie Chicks, may be one of the best covers you can listen to.

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