Artist: Mike Runnels
Album: The Tender Years
Year: 2010
Label: Lucky Penny Records
Order-#: 45121 01704

© 2010 / Bruno Michel

Since his last production, Jukebox Boulevard, I was eager to learn what Mike Runnel’s next project would be. And there you go: He stays true to his roots – traditional, pure Country Music leaning on the sound of the 60’s and 70’s. Good to know that this type of Music is being increasingly played again these days.

The Tender Years offers ten tracks, all penned by Runnels. I like especially the Uptempo track We’ll Find A Way and the two TexMex influenced Just Say So Baby and I Love You More. My favorite is This Time, a honky-tonk track at it’s best tradition. The remaining six songs are slowdance tunes, very suitable to move your loved one across the dance floor. If I have to select a favorite among these, it would be Cheatin’ Side Of Town.

With this production, Runnels goes to proof that you can still satisfy your fans without joining the current hype of over-produced and over-instrumented recordings. As he humbly notes: “I do my little part to keep this sound alive”. Glad you do.

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