Artist: Becky Schlegel
Album: For All The World To See
Year: 2008
Label: Lilly Ray / IGO
Order-#: LRR701

© 2008 / Bruno Michel

It’s hard to believe that the talented singer/songwriter Becky Schlegel didn’t pen a note until she was 27 years old. Sounds like a late bloomer but one who took off like a rocket in the Bluegrass scene. Becky, originating from South Dakota, compensated her late start by collecting numerous awards during the past years. And finally, her latest album, For All The World To See is now available. All eleven songs that she wrote are calmly presented but strongly written.

Even uptempo tracks such as Best Time Of The Day or 99% provide a comforting effect on the listener. Traditional Bluegrass instruments blended with excellent lyrics and Becky’s soft voice are likely to make you dream and listen at the same time. Be it in Spotlight where she keeps up love despite the career of her friend. Or in Hills Of South Dakota which describes her moving to Minnesota while leaving her heart behind.

Best Time Of The Day seems to be the time at night when she can dream of a perfect relationship, just to ignore reality – which looks different as always – during the day. A strong album that fascinates the listener despite – or because of – Becky’s soft and calm voice.

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