Artist: Tori Sparks
Album: Under This Yellow Sun
Year: 2007
Label: Glass Mountain Records
Order-#: GMR 6 3447 955713 2

© 2008 / Bruno Michel

It was three years ago when Tori Sparks had already written more than onehundred songs despite her young age. This number has significantly grown since I did the review of her last CD. Twelve of these songs are now grouped on her current release Under This Yellow Sun. Additionally, the intro track Cold War was also added as a music-video.

Tori stayed true to the Americana genre. And its still her lyrics that run deep and sometimes require you to listen twice in order to understand what the message is that she wants to bring across. One of my favorites is Free. She wants to escape from the black nights and grey days of her partner, wants to be free and live her own thoughts.

The truth has more powerful weapons than hers, so why should she try to fight truth, Tori asks in Poison Well. And when she has to leave her love in Providence RI and later her daughter in another city, she dreams of an intact family life in a nice world which does never force you to take such decisions.

An album with lots of rain, darkness and pain but nevertheless also hope for better times and a little sunshine.

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