Artist: Dean Strickland
Album: Hitchhiking Guitarman
Year: 2008
Label: n.a.
Order-#: n.a.

© 2008 / Bruno Michel

Itís not for nothing that Texas Songwriter Dean Strickland named his debut Hitchhiking Guitarman. That mode of transportation is exactly what he uses to travel between his gigs. Like all artists who are dedicated to their goals, Strickland remains both feet on the ground Ė and often enough outside, sleeping on the ground to save the cost for a motel. But he continues to write his own songs and never gets tempted to copy or cover.

Tracks such as Why Did Classic Country Music Have To Die give an impression of what you can expect on this CD. The only money regularly spent by Strickland is for daily phone calls to his mother. In Everywhere I Go he thanks his parents for letting him travel his own highway to success.

Some of the adventures he experiences in his beloved home state are described in I Love Texas (Itís My Home) and Texas.

It takes a lot of willpower to produce a debut CD which delivers nothing but a guitar and a voice to the listener. No high tech sound equipment, no great studio- or live musicians to help making the project more fancy are supporting Strickland. And that is exactly what makes this CD special and worthwhile to buy.

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