Artist: Joey Stuckey
Album: So Far
Year: 2010
Label: RGA Records
Order-#: 10003

© 2010 / Bruno Michel

A collection of sixteen tracks cut from longtime career of the blind guitar player and songwriter Joey Stuckey is offered by the album So Far. Other artists would call it a Best-Of. The musician from Georgia has a long standing career in the music industry. Having his own radio show, running his own sound studio (with analog vintage equipment) being a sound engineer – which ever task he has at this very moment, it’s related to music.

In Georgia he is considered kind of a legend who received many awards over the past fifteen years.

Rock, Blues, psychedelic sound from the sixties reaches you from the speakers. Stuckey is a multi talent which can hardly be categorized – and maybe that is what he wants after all. Listen to Until, The Light That Guides or Take A Walk In The Shadow.

A song collection with cuts from four of Stuckey’s previous CDs. His skills on the guitar and his ingenuity when instrumenting his songs make this project a must for all fans of alternative music, miles off today’s mainstream sound.

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