Artist: Liz Talley
Album: More Than Satisfied
Year: 2009
Label: Diamond Music Group
Order-#: 8-44667-01570-6

© 2009 / Bruno Michel

There are no self-penned tracks on More Than Satisfied, the new album by Liz Talley, while she had five on her previous CD. This time, itís twelve carefully selected tracks by various well known songwriters. It has been four years since Lizí last album. To put things straight: A time well worth the wait.

Put the CD in your player and youíre off to a swinging start with Bump Bounce Boogie, followed by What We Donít Have, a beautiful duet with Tony Booth, a singer who earned many accolades in the 70ís and who has recently won the Male Vocalist of the Year award by the Will Rogers Academy.

The fact that Liz took two wonderful songs of my longtime friend Becky Hobbs on her album is a pleasant surprise for me. With One Manís Angel and Reading Mamaís Bible, Liz selected two slowdance tunes.

My favorites are the uptempo track Iím Crying Teardrops and the swing title You Canít Take Texas Out Of Me.

Traditional Country and Western Swing music is greeting the listener, and thatís exactly what you expect from a Texan. No experiments, no Rap, nothing but plain, great Country Music, that's worth being called that name.

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