Artist: Liz Talley
Album: Road To You
Year: 2005
Label: Armadillo Records
Order-#: 02582-7

© 2006/ Bruno Michel

She shared the stage with artists like Wanda Jackson or Tommy Cash, she's an excellent drummer and guitar player and she's also a great songwriter. A stunning five of her own songs can be found on Liz Talley's current album Road To You. The Texan is doing five to ten shows a month and luckily she has overcome what she calls a problem of her younger years: She was a shy person who just wanted to play in a band.

Beside uptempo songs such as her own Ready For Love or the Red Simpson title Close Up The Honkytonks, Liz also excels with more quiet, slower songs. Examples are The Road or My Old Life. You will also find Western Swing, represented by Texas In Your Swing, a title that Liz wrote with Leona Williams.

By playing hardcore country combined with the honkytonk twang in her voice - something that you don't here often in Nashville these days - Liz has established herself a true fan community which follows her from gig to gig. Exceptional for me is the duet It's Time To Cross That Bridge, a song written by Ben Peters, who also wrote top hits such as Kiss An Angel Good Morning. oder