Artist: Barry & Holly Tashian
Album: Long Story Short
Year: 2008
Label: Rock-A-Lot
Order-#: 6 44167 07612 8

© 2008 / Bruno Michel

Since her first in 1989, this songwriter/musician duo has continued to please their fans throughout the world with their inspiring, perfect vocal harmonies combined with excellent play. Barry & Holly Tashian remain one of the outstanding duos committed to traditional bluegrass and country music. Her latest release, Long Story Short, is nothing else but a consequent continuation of their joint journey through life, which lasts now for more than 35 years.

Everytime one of their albums gets out, I can't wait to listen to it, even though I know what's coming - and yet I am continued to be exicted about what I hear. Listening to songs such as The Grey Funnel Line or The Promise still gives me goosebumps. These harmonies are just awesome. The duo tells stories, part fiction part real, in different musical styles. You can hear country, swing, blues, bluegrass, boogie woogie, they've got it all.

If you've had your fill of what the big labels and radio stations assume you want to hear, sit back and relax listening to traditional country as in Rockin' Little Country Girl or Rock It Like It's Saturday Night. Also stories with a touch of humor can be heard as in Honey, Where's The Money Gone, which actually may mean reality to some of the people out there.

However, there's some bad news regarding music releases from Barry & Holly Tashian: First, it takes far too long (3-6 years) in between albums, so fans have to wait far too long. Second, there's only eleven songs on the current CD, which makes it end far too quickly.

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