Artist: James Michael Taylor
Album: Slaughter Mountain
Year: 2006
Label: personal
Order-#: n.a.

© 2007/ Bruno Michel

Compared to most of the CDs that find their way to my desk, Slaughter Mountain by James Michael Taylor is different. You definitely need to listen a few times to the song material contained in here in order to grasp the deepness of the lyrics, which Taylor comprises his songs of.

Some of the titles tell stories around Slaughter Mountain, an old abandoned mine where Taylor's grandpa ruined his lungs and saw many of his friends die. It's no dancehall music. It rather makes you sit down and listen very closely to the stories he has to tell.

I'm Still Here is a silent cry for help from a miner who is still awaiting his rescue after an explosion, knowing that he might never be saved: I'm Still Here But I Won't Be Long. Or listen to Lisa Makes Appointments, the story of a woman who has an open ear for all the problems of her friends, even though she has experienced herself many bad things - which she still has not processed completely for herself. Also a song to reflect about is Help. Dozens of people sit, drink and laugh while another one is almost drowning in the river.

I'd like to call Taylor's songs stories from everyday life. In today's hectic times it's more than worthwhile to sit back and listen very carefully to what these songs have to tell you.