Artist: Owen Temple
Album: Two Thousand Miles
Year: 2006
Label: El Paisano
Order-#: 6 54165 01872 5

© 2008 / Bruno Michel

If you say Texas Music you gotta think Owen Temple. When he debuted more than ten years ago with his album General Store it was evident that here comes another great writer and balladeer that is meant to stay and write history. I know that his marketeers don't like the term Texas Music and rather call it Americana, but to me, Owen Temple is Texas Music at it's best. It took five years since his last release to come out with Two Thousand Miles. It's on this song as well as on three other tunes that Owen bundles up with the talented Terri Hendrix, a fellow Texan songstress and writer. Other well known contributors on this CD are Bob Livingston and Gordy Quist from the Band Of Heathens.

Owen's passion for deep touching lyrics are visible in each and every of the twelve songs. My favorite is Demolition Derby, which not only has a catchy melody but tells the story of two lovers that destroy each other's feelings. Just like a couple that has been together long enough to know where words hurts the most. Another touching story is Rivers Run From Many Waters. Things can go wrong as the lyrics in Can't Drink Enough To Sing explain. Red Wine And Tequila are not made for each other no matter how hard you try to get them together, so are Owen and his love in this song.

It's a bunch of great stories that you hear on this CD with sound making you clap and stomp at the same time. Hopefully it won't be another five years of waiting time until the next project by Owen Temple hits the stores in the form of a new CD.

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