Artist: Owen Temple
Album: Dollars And Dimes
Year: 2009
Label: El Paisano
Order-#: EPR-0181

© 2009 / Bruno Michel

All of the eleven tracks are written or co-written by Owen. And again we hear stories from everyday's life. It comes as no surprise that this talent won the 2007 B.W. Stevenson songwriter contest. In Dollars And Dimes, too, Owen shows solid songwriter craftsmanship.

Broken Heart Land comes at a time when so many workers can identify with the story. Entire towns are shutting down due to outsourcing and job reduction. The extremes between rich and poor are not only visible in Los Angeles. It simply depends in which area you live to determine whether you made it to the top or the bottom of the food chain.

It's unfortunate that it takes several years every time before Owen Temple is producing a new album. I am convinced that he's got so many ideas and stories in his head, that it would allow for shorter cycles between releases.

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