Artist: Randy Thompson
Album: Further On
Year: 2008
Label: Jackpot
Order-#: n.a.

© 2008 / Bruno Michel

Back in 1987, Randy Thompson produced his debut album. It took ten years to present the sophomore CD and yet another six (2004) until the third album hit the streets. Now Thompson introduces his latest, Further On. So the timespans between new releases get shorter Ė and thatís good news. The current production contains ten tracks, thereof eight either self-composed or re-arranged by Thompson.

Raised in Virginia, Thompson had early contacts with Bluegrass music but also with the sounds of Hank Williams while his parents played their entire Williams-collection at home. It must be a thrill to the singer/songwriter that Don Helms, one of Hank Williamsí Drifting Cowboys original members is part of the production.

Talking about re-arranging songs: Would one not know the lyrics to Olí 97 (about the (in)famous trainwreck back in 1903) or to Going Down To Lynchburg Town (first published in 1926), one would not recognize these well known titles. Thompson re-arranged them completely and not for the worse.

He also goes to proof that he is an excellent lead guitar player (on Donít You Remember) and he masters the banjo at the same level that he writes straight and honest lyrics. One of my favorites being Rocksalt & Nails.

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