Artist: The Tygers
Album: Second Album
Year: 2010
Label: Fairtone Records
Order-#: 16892 07246

© 2010 / Bruno Michel

1968, the era of The Byrds, the starting year of The Flying Burrito Brothers and many other bands. Among them three teenagers from Milwaukee named Tony Dancy, Craig Fairchild and Lanny Hale. They moved to Los Angeles and started writing songs for such TV series as The Brady Bunch. The Tygers were formed, separated, were formed again and separated.

Until finally in 2009 they found each other again and recorded their sophomore album. Therefore its logically called Second Album. Probably the longest wait time of all times in between two releases. Tony and Lanny penned all ten songs on this production and its of course what else that special sound of these golden years that you hear from your speakers.

Listening to the intro track How Long Does It Take or to Night Walker you will unmistakingly be reminded which era has influenced the musicians. My favorites are Scottsdale Blues and Step By Step. Go to the website and listen to these guys an let the old times roll. And if you were born long after these years, compare this to the sound you usually consume and become a fan of these guys from Milwaukee.

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