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US Country Music

Q: Do you conduct other interviews than with artists?

A: Yes, you will also find here talks with Promoters of big festivals, Artist Managers, Radio DJs from the US and Board Members of country music organizations.


Q: Do you visit many festivals and concerts and how do you get to meet the artists?

A: We follow invitations to many festivals. Typically, the promoters like the idea to have their festival and acts covered on a website and in a music magazine. Meetings with the artists are mostly planned and agreed in advance. They don't like to be "ambushed".


Q: Would our music get reviewed if we mail it to you?

A: After some 20 years of reviewing new CDs, I have stopped doing reviews in writing. Since I started my weekly Radio Show in 2010, new projects will get airplay though and will be mentioned during the broadcast.

We also play artists without big label contracts.


Q: How do we know when the interview is out or our songs get airplay?

A: You will get an eMail with a scan of the interview. If you require a hardcopy magazine with your interview in it, we can arrange this too. We send weekly playlists of the radio show to all artists.

Q: Would the interview be available in english?

A: Yes, interviews written as of 2006 are available in English, too. Earlier material will be translated on a case by case basis or when time allows. However, I was told by many artists, that they managed to find someone to translate.... and that they were proud to show a Swiss article around at home.

Q: We're a magazine or fan club. What fee do you charge if we want to publish part of your work?

A: This is decided on a per-case basis. In the past, I have agreed to publication for non-profit organizations without charging them.



Tips for US Trips

Q: Do you charge for travel tips?

A: No. We usually don't. If you're a non-profit organization or simply need some tips for your personal travels, we are glad to help. If your inquiry requires considerable amount of research or is otherwise time consuming, we will negotiate with you upfront.

Q: Can we get travel advice other than Texas or Route 66?

A: Yes, as long as we ourselves have traveled a county or state (see "Trips" for a summary of which states we've been to), we are happy to help with our contacts and knowledge about that area.


Q: Can Route 66 be traveled without preparing the trip?

A: It can, but we strongly recommend that you prepare well in advance. There are valuable guides and road maps that will help you to find more than the average passing tourist would find.

Q: Would you combine your Route 66 travels with other sightseeing away from Mother Road?

A: By all means. Traveling The Road is time consuming. If you're really into seeing things and getting to know people, it's hard to run for more than 50-80 miles per day. So a break from reading roadbooks and watching odometers is a welcome change from time to time. Be sure that you know the parks and sights along the section of your trip.

Canyon de Chelly, AZ

Q: We were told that US folks are very superficial. Did you experience the same?

A: Absolutely NOT. If you take your time and try to understand what moves the people in any given region, they turn out to be very open, warm hearted and friendly. We made many friends during our travels or within the music business and these friendships last. If you however behave like the invading tourist who does not care about local habits or rules, you should not wonder if people are getting out of your way.



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