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Portraits and Reviews

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due to publishing in swiss music magazines, the portraits are currently only available in german language. English version will be available soon.

  Albisgütli Festival; Previews, 2004 / 2005 / 2006

Lynn August; Portrait, December 1996

Bellamy Brothers; Portrait, March 1999

Stephanie Bentley; Portrait, December 1996

Billy Bob's Texas; Visit Report, August 2002

Clint Black; Portrait, June 1997

Bremgarten Country Night; Review September 1998

Chad Brock; Portrait, June 2000

Broken Spoke; Portrait July 2004

Burrito Deluxe; Portrait, December 2002

Canadian Country Music; Portrait, August 1991

Carlene Carter; Portrait, March 1998

Deana Carter; Portrait, July 2005

June Carter Cash; Obituary, May 2003

Mark Chesnutt; Portrait, May 1999

CMA (Country Music Association); The CMA Story, December 1998

CMA Fan Fair; Review, August 1995

Compadre Records; Portrait, 2003

The Old Coupland Inn And Dancehall; Portrait 2010 - /

Cowboy's Nightmare; Portrait, December 2002



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