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parts of the US we explored so far

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These trips - especially along Route 66 - were designed to enjoy the journey. Getting to know people and places was, is and remains our ultimate goal

With few exceptions, we experienced no problems when travelling without hotel or motel reservations.

It's great fun to drive into a small town and locate a mom & pop business. They are usually cheaper than the large chains and they offer tips and hints for your stay and for excursions in the neighborhood.

Also, we rather support small local businesses than big, pure profit oriented organizations. It is sad to see that every year more of the small businesses are gone.

Country Star Alan Jackson has described this situation in the song Little Man on his album High Mileage.

Year after year there are fewer "old businesses" and when the original proprietors retire or die, it's hard to find young folks who take over and continue the tradition.

So your support to these establishments is appreciated and might help to preserve a business.



Renting a car from home is often cheaper than renting at the airport. Make sure your insurance package covers all potential risks.

If you spend several months in the US, you might consider buying a car for the length of your stay.

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One or the other idea might be in here for your trip planning.




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