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Fall 2000

Indian Summer in Massachusetts and Canada

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From Boston to New Hampshire and Canada. Along the St Lawrence river from Quebec to Niagara Falls and down to Cape Cod

Tour Map Fall 2000:

We were planning for an Indian Summer experience. It turned almost into Indian Winter. This early October, it was snow in Quebec, temperatures in the low thirties and the wrong selection of clothes in our luggage. We decided to escape to Cape Cod for the last few days - and it paid off: Sunshine and temperatures in the high sixties welcomed us.

Landed in Boston, for once without major delays and drove up to Lancaster, NH, that rainy day.

Driving on gravel roads is more fun than using the highways.

Nobody there when we were entering Canada

Thetford Mines. Pretty impressive holes in the ground.

It was freezing cold in Quebec but it's a great town

We took a short trip to the Parc de la chute de Montmorency.

On the road: Morrisburg & St. Lawrence River

Downtown Toronto and a view from the top of CN Tower

We also paid a visit to Casa Loma

Niagara-on-the-Lake had sights to enjoy before we went to see the

Niagara Falls

On our way out of the park, we rode the Spanish Aero Car

We continued our trip to New York State. There, Letchworth State Park

and Taughannock State Park waited to be visited.

We also discovered the secret of Secret Caverns

The bad weather continued and so we took the decision to drive a few hundred miles down south. When we arrived, we found...

...the Pine Knot Motel, a real treasure on Cape Cod.

We toured the Cape. Beside the many old little towns with lots of british influences, here are some other places we went :

Cape Cod National Seashore and Provincetown

Cape Cod Central Railroad, a great trip.

A relaxing evening at the shore at sunset rounded off our Indian Summer (winter) experience.



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