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Working on our property

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There were only short trips to Antique- and Flea Markets. The rest was work, work, work. But still we enjoyed a few longnecks...

Tour Map 2007:

First it was clearing old stuff out of the house, fixing the kitchen.


Bedroom; other part of living room.


it was time to rest and enjoy some Texas brew. Alone and...


Now our Mobilehome Park needed a few improvements.


Cleaning out old debris...


Inspecting the property...


Thanks to our friend, Mr. John Clark, man of many talents...


In October 2006 we aquired our property where a part of our business is located. After a quick trip in December 2006 to fix some personal things, we were back for a month, arriving in Dallas on December 15, 2007.

The first week we spent at the ranch of our friends in Gatesville,


while during the day we were shopping for furniture for our newly acquired townhouse in Copperas Cove.


It was quite time consuming to drive from one furniture shop to the next and get all the stuff you need in an empty house to transform it into a nice place to live. Finally, we made some good buys.

continue reading from left to right...

Next was the living room...


The remaining rooms provoked some visits to furniture stores and Home Depot, too. Finally, shopping for decor stuff was next.

And once we got that,


...with friends.


Drainage was installed and fence lines were cleared.


...building new dumpster site.


...defining the location of future entrance gates.


...improvement work will be ongoing until we come back.



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