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Summer 2000

Colorado and Wyoming

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A business trip extended by a few days to explore old trains and western towns

Tour Map Summer 2000:

At the occasion of a business trip to Denver, CO, I took some days off.

Blackhawk, the City of Mills.

Far too quick the few days off were over and the call was for business meetings and later back home again.


Historic Georgetown

Georgetown Loop Inc. Unfortunately, they ceased operation of the trains in October 2004 due to political issues.

Central City, an old mining town and today a large gambling site. -- continue reading from left to right --

There was also time for a quick trip to Wyoming. I was always wondering what the old western towns of

Laramie and

Cheyenne looked like today.

Sadly enough, I missed the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo by just a few days. They were already decorating the town when I had to leave.



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