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Route 66 from Chicago, IL to Joplin, MO

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Again a slightly different approach to do the entire road. This year it was Illinois and Missouri

Tour Map 2002:

We began part 3 of our exploration of the Mother Road. The statue of Mike at the Bunyon's Cafe has been moved in 2004.

The Marathon Filling Station in Dwight and the Standard Oil Gas Station in Odell are good examples for restorations from the heart.

Dixie Trucker's Home, serving the roadies since 1928; place was sold to a Finance company in 2003.


The Pig Hip Restaurant in Broadwell is now a Route 66 Museum

and Rich Henry opened his Rabbit Ranch in Staunton some years ago.

Crossing the Missouri state line.

A place to stop in St Louis is Ted Drewes.

These once modern cabins may be rebuilt soon: John's Modern Cabins in Cuba

Two examples of vintage motels kept in shape: The Munger Moss Motel in Lebanon and the Rest Haven Court in Springfield.

Take the train or

Shop at Engler Block or

Back on to Carthage.

Arriving in

Okie from Muskogee. The Merle Haggard song lead us through Muskogee


First stop was for a few days in Fort Worth, where the

and welcomed us.

The White Elephant Saloon

the world's largest Honky Tonk, Billy Bob's Texas.

Another night out at Jerry Ferrell's Top Rail Ballroom

The last week was at the ranch of our swiss friends in Gatesville. Our son flew in from San Diego, where he had spent the last six months. We also were celebrating our National Holiday on August 1, which traditionally includes building a huge fire. There was no risk to do this on the open range.

The last evening at the Horseshoe Club...

...having fun.


We flew to Chicago on July 14 and spent a few days in Windy City.

A ride on the Chicago Double Decker for a tour of the city,

View from Sears Tower

We visited Navy Pier -- and did lots and lots of walking to see other sights
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But the Gemini Giant at the Launching Pad Cafe in Wilmington still stands tall.


Grove Maple Sirup. Delicious.

The Mill in Lincoln is no longer Home of the Schnitzel

Russell Soulsby's Gas Station is in Odell since ever

Since 1924 and still serving is the Ariston Cafe in Litchfield.

The restored Chain of Rocks bridge.

In front of and deep inside the Meramec Caverns

One of the few with the old fashioned neon: Steak n Shake in Springfield.



A sidestep to Branson, where we spent a few days in town and the surroundings.

visit Historic Hollister.

see a show in town.


Joplin. End of 2002 Mother Road Tour.

on our way to the stateline of Texas.

David Boone took us around the place including backstage

to see our good friends, The Derailers.

Finally it's burning!!!

...shooting pool and...

Sadly, it's already time to get back to Switzerland.



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