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older interviews are available in german language only. More recent interviews are available in both, english and german. See flags beside the interview where english version exists.

Albisgütli Festival; Interviews with Promoter Albi Matter 1996 - 1997 - 2001 - 2003

Deborah Allen; Interview in Zurich, Spring 2004

Tommy Alverson; Interview in Rainbow, TX, Summer 2004

The Amazing McNasty Brothers; Interview in Geneva, Summer 2002

Stephanie Ann; Interview in Zurich, Winter 1998

Tom Astor; Interview in Zurich, Spring 1998

Lynn August; Interview in Zürich, Winter 1997

Aare Valley Country Club; Interview with Board Members, Summer 1997

Moe Bandy; Interview in Llano, TX, January 2011 - /

Mandy Barnett; Interview in Zurich, Winter 2002

Baton Rouge; Interview in Basel, Summer 1998

Ray Benson; Interview in Austin, TX, Spring 2012 - /

Stephanie Bentley; Interview in Zurich, Winter 1997

Blue Highway; Interview in Zurich, Winter 1998

Börse Restaurant; Music Venue, Interview with Jürg König, Owner, Spring 1995

BR549; Interview in Zurich, Winter 2005

John Brack & Toni Vescoli; Interview by phone / eMail, Christmas 1999

Broken Spoke; Interview in Zurich, Fall 1998

Roger Brown; Interview in Zurich, Summer 1997

Buck Owen's Band, The Buckaroos; Interview in Bakersfield, CA, Summer 2003

Frenchie Burke, Interview in Llano, TX, Summer 2010 - /

Burrito Deluxe; Interview in Zurich, Winter 2003

Joe "King" Carrasco; Interview in Schaffhausen, December 2004

Adam Carroll & Owen Temple, Interview in Austin, April 2012 /

John Carter Cash; Interview in Zurich, Winter 2004

Rosanne Cash; Interview in Zurich, Winter 2004

 Cherryholmes; Interview in Zurich, Winter 2007- /

Children of Grindelwald Choir; Interviews in Bülach, December 1992 with Regina Amacker (leader), Rattlesnake Annie, George Hug and Albi Matter of Show & Music AG

Anita Cochran; Interview in Zurich, Winter 2001

Mark Collie; Interview in Zurich, Winter 1998

Giampiero Colombo; Interview in Zurich, Winter 2003

Colorado; Interview in Zurich, Spring 2000

Cowboy Kurt; Promoter Lancy Festival and Artist Manager, Interview Spring 2002

Cowboy Crush, Interview in Interlaken, Summer 2006

Cowboy's Nightmare; Interview in Zurich, Winter 2003



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